Starters Brass and Woodwind

Artemis Bb Clarinet Outfit


Beginner Descant Soprano Baroque Recorder Pack in Black & Cream with Cleaning Rod

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J Michael Alto Saxophone Outfit with Lightweight Case


J Michael Clarinet Outfit with Hard Case


J Michael Silver Plated Curved Head Flute Outfit with Case


Kurioshi Vivace Alto Saxophone Outfit in Gold Lacquer Finish


Kurioshi Vivace Straight Headed Flute Outfit


Kurioshi Vivace Trumpet Outfit with Case in Gold Lacquer Finish


Trevor James 10X Flute Outfit with Straight Head and CS Shaped Lip


Trevor James Horn Classic II Series Alto Saxophone Outfit with Gold Lacquer Finish


Trevor James Lightweight AlphaSax Alto Saxophone Outfit for Younger Beginners


Trevor James Series 5 Clarinet Outfit with Silver Plated Keys