COVID-19 Operating Update

Updated: April 2021. 

We are delighted to be welcoming back tutors and students to our studios in Marlow Bottom!
We have now permanently closed our showroom and retail services In order to create more space and extend our capacity in the safest possible environment, including the pending installation of 3 x Panasonic NanoeX Covid-19 Inhibiting filtration systems throughout the studio.

If you are interested in booking a taster lesson on guitar, drums, piano, ukulele or vocal coaching, send us message or email -

Operating Overview 

Since the last lockdown we put measures in place to ensure that our teaching premises meets Government Guidelines as being Covid secure; including deploying large screens separating teacher/ student, one way systems, visors for tutors and students, Covid signage and sanitising stations and by ensuring limited numbers on site via staggered lesson times, as well as additional and regular cleaning and disinfection of studios, equipment and communal areas. We are also due to install 3 x Panasonic Nanoe X Covid-19 inhibiting air filtrations systems in the individual studio rooms. More information on this here -

Tutor Rooms 

Updated April 1st 2021 - We are installing 3 x Panasonic NanoeX Covid-19 Inhibiting Air Filtrations systems throughout the studios

We have created 2 x Covid Secure Tutor Rooms at the front of the premises. These rooms will both have independent access from outside and independent access to the toilet facilities. Both rooms will offer a larger space to ensure the 1m+ social distancing, improved natural air ventilation, perspex screens, as well as hand sanitisers and wipes, which will be regularly replenished. 

We have also created a VC station in the back room which can also be used for in-person lessons if VC is not required by any other tutors. As such, we will minimise equipment in this room to ensure the 1m+ social distancing can safely be applied. We will ensure that all equipment and door handles being used are sanitised with wipes/ sprays provided, before and after use, to ensure it is safe for the next student. Face coverings must be worn when appropriate to do so (i.e moving through communal / shared access areas) and would also request students to wear a face covering when entering the premises and until they are in situ for commencement of their lesson. Visors will be made available to students to wear at their discretion. 

Communal Areas and Cleaning 

To create extra space, we have removed all of the available seating in the reception areas and request that parents drop off only, not enter the premises and wait in their vehicle in the car park where possible. We will provide an extra sanitising station in the communal area and ensure that all areas are regularly cleaned and disinfected. We will be closing the kitchen area until further notice and therefore encourage students to bring own refreshments, although we do plan to install a contactless water cooler with disposable paper cups in the reception area. The toilet facilities will remain open and we will provide suitable sanitising sprays and wipes for the purpose of disinfecting after use. 


We are scheduling at least a 5 minute gap between each lesson, and stagger where possible, to mitigate numbers on site. We also recommend to students and parents as above, to wait in their vehicles in the car park until called in, to reduce crossovers on the pathway and inside the building. Lessons will be restricted to 30 minutes during peak times, after 3:30pm. 


We will be closely monitoring the situation and asking for feedback from tutors, students and parents throughout the process. As such, we welcome any further suggestions to ensure that we can offer the best level of service in the safest possible environment. If at any point there is a concern for wellbeing, or any report of infection, we will immediately suspend operations and review.