Loyalty Points

For every purchase made through our website you will receive Loyalty Reward Points worth 2.5%. For example if your basket value is £800, you will receive a £20 Credit which you can redeem against your next purchase. Loyalty Reward Points can be collected and redeemed in store or online at the Checkout and you can review your transactional history and Loyalty Reward Points by logging into your account. If you wish to nominate a local school or charity to receive your reward points, please contact us to make this arrangement.

Terms and Conditions 

You must have an active account on our website and not be in any arrears for any applicable subscription service such as rentals or advertising. There is no minimum spend or redeem for loyalty reward points, but please note they expire after one year from the point that they are received after purchase. We cannot offer loyalty points on any products purchased on Finance via V12.